Two Bucs’ coaches featured on The Grind


Written by: Johnny Dean 

The TV show The Grind highlighted the Buccaneers’ coaches Maral Javadifar (assistant strength and condition coach) and Lori Locust (assistant Defensive line coach). The legendary Billie Jean King acted as special correspondent for The Grind and spent time with these two assistant coaches for the Buccaneers. They discussed their ground breaking work for the organization and what it means to them.

I’m not going to sit here and expound on the fact these are women. If you didn’t know that by now you’ve been hiding out in a doomsday bunker somewhere. What I’m going to expound on is the importance of what they have brought to the Buccaneers.

Lori Locust 

Locust has a pedigree that shows up on Sundays, she interned as a defensive line coach of the Baltimore Ravens. She also was the a defensive line coach for the AAF’s Birmingham team. A team that was known for its defense during their to short lived existence. There is no doubt the Buccaneers defensive line has garnered improvement from her presence. Seeing them move from the basement against the run to a top 5 ranking this season is in part because of her.

Maral Javadifar

Javadifar came to Tampa through a different route. A former basketball player, she attended New York Medical school to garner the expertise she would bring to Tampa. As a strength and condition coach in the NFL there may not be a more important position. Each year the teams around the league suffer from the injury bug. Keeping the players in shape and the ability to recover from those injuries are crucial to teams.

Coach Arians says a lot of NFL players come from single mother homes and he feels the woman’s voice resonates with them. These two coaches have been instrumental in the success the Buccaneers defensive line has had and the growth the rookies have seen this season.

The Grind airs on Epix and is hosted by Rich Eisen every Wednesday night at 9pm


Photo credit: Yahoo Sports