December 11th, 1977 The day hell froze over in Tampa Bay


Not many teams can brag they lost their first 26 games in team history. A lot of you reading this may not even have been around yet to know what that felt like. Good thing. But you do know the hapless, jubilant, exasperating, yet hopeless feeling that was shared.


It isn’t unlike the last decade of Buccaneer football. Save for the fact that back in 1977, the Buccaneers were the undisputed laughing stock of the NFL. Finishing last in the division in 8 of the last 10 years begins to bridge the divide between then and now. But no more.

The Other Side

When the Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans saints 42 years ago today for their first regular season victory in franchise history, there was much cause for celebration. There was also much cause for the Saints to fire head coach Hank Stram. Truth is, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Just can’t remember if the excitement was finally sipping from the sweet chalice of victory. Or more about getting the 0-26 monkey off Tampa Bay’s back. Either way. It was a momentous occasion.

Circle The Wagons

This week the Bucs travel to Detroit to try and win their 4th game in a row. Not quite a huge reason to celebrate as ending a 26 game losing streak for the first victory in franchise history back in 1977. But for Buccaneers fans that have seen an improving team with a long way to go yet. A reason to celebrate, just the same.

Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times

Video credit: Mike P