Leftwich and Winston: A winning combination


Written by: Fred Gudes

Opinion Editorial

It’s time for me to admit that Byron Leftwich is not trash like I previously stated. In fact, Leftwich offense is significantly better than Todd Monkin’s 2018 version; one that I thought was one of the best this franchise has had.

The Right Man For The Job

Fast forward to 2019 and this Leftwich led offense has proved me wrong completely. It has also has shed light on answering the mysterious case of Ronald Jones. It’s clear the Buccaneers offense is at an elite level in 2019. The numbers show that the Buccaneers can’t consistently run the ball is due to a lack of talent at the running back position.

The rumors of Leftwich taking over for Bruce Arians when he retires were worrisome at the beginning. Rest assured you can count on Arians words that he was prepping this hand-picked coaching staff to all be future NFL head coaches.

Although it took me more than a few games to understand Leftwich’s way of playcalling. Now it all makes sense. This Leftwich-led attack has the wide receivers more open than I’ve ever seen. This offense is receiver-friendly and makes sense why there’s no need to incorporate the tight end.

Leftwich Can Coach

Leftwich’s development of Jameis Winston has really been unexpected, especially since I figured this was his first time being a full-time play-caller in the NFL. Leftwich has Winston feeling confident and he’s calling plays that take advantage of Winston’s strengths.

Winston looks very comfortable with this style of play-calling by Leftwich. It seems Winston still has to throw that early interception to get going. But if he’s going end up throwing for 400+ yards with a few touchdowns then sign me up! He will likely end the season leading the league in passing yards, touchdowns and completions and, yes, interceptions.

Leftwich deserves his fair share of credit for this epic record-breaking 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense. Looks like the Buccaneers’ future is bright from a coaching standpoint.