Peter’s Perspective: Winston needs to stay


Written by: Peter H Blake 

Opinion Editorial 

After the Buccaneers loss to the Houston Texans 23-20 on Saturday. Many people are wondering “Is Jameis Winston the answer at quarterback going forward?”

Winston has continued to throw interceptions at an alarming rate, including four against Houston. Add in another pick six, his sixth of the year matching Peyton Manning’s single season record. To be fair no Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, or Scotty Miller and yet the Bucs had a chance to win.

Back And Forth

I go back and forth on Winston. He can make some throws that a lot of quarterbacks can’t make. He looks like a top 5 quarterback at times, then again with 28 interceptions this year and over 100 turnovers in his career what is he? You just don’t know which Winston will show up. In my opinion if you’re the Bucs you have to build around him to find out. That means improving the offensive line and providing him a running game to take the pressure off of him. The defense must continue to get better in 2020 for this team to win consistently.


To keep this in perspective, the last quarterbacks to throw as many interceptions as Winston in a season are Eli Manning in 2013 with 27 and Brett Favre with 29 in 2005. So, it’s not like quarterbacks haven’t done it in the past. What’s weird is how Winston’s numbers compare to Hall of Fame quarterbacks,from names like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, and of course Brett Favre.

So for me, if I’m the Bucs I have to sign Winston and do everything I can to unlock his potential and see what he can really accomplish. Hopefully he can cut down on the turnovers with a second year under Bruce Arians‘ system.

Peter’s Two Points

I have two points, what if Winston is allowed to leave and wins a Super Bowl like quarterbacks in the Buccaneers past have gone on to do? Could you live with that? The second point, does another quarterback option in 2020 seem better than Winston? If not then the answer is clear, Winston gives the Bucs their best chance to win. The only question left is do the Buccaneers believe that too?

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