Barrett Endorses Winston


The Jameis Winston debate has hit an epic crescendo. The rumors fly, the speculation is at an all-time high. Should the Buccaneers keep the much maligned quarterback?


The Numbers

Winston is coming off one of the most historic seasons by a quarterback in recent memory. Historically good and historically bad, but historic nonetheless. A season with stats that jump off the page like 5000 yards and 33 TDs. Solid numbers until you factor in the 30 INTs and seven pick-sixes. This is where the waters get muddied. To bring some clarity to the debate Buccaneers’ Shaq Barrett had this to say when asked what the perception of Winston in the locker room is.

Barrett makes some great points while bringing up Winston’s leadership, something that hasn’t been mentioned enough. The Buccaneers have a huge list of potential free agents other than Winston to address, including Barrett. While most of those decisions will be made from a financial standpoint, the Winston decision will be determined by several factors. One of those factors is does the team follow him? Barrett seems to think so.