Would Xavier Rhodes fit Todd Bowles’ Defensive Scheme?


Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign cornerback Xavier Rhodes after being released from the Minnesota Vikings? With such a young secondary in Tampa, maybe a veteran player like Rhodes can assist in building better play out of the young core of corners.

Xavier Rhodes in 2019

Rhodes had a shaky 2019 season. He started in 15 games with zero interceptions and only one forced fumble. Rhodes has proven himself a worthy competitor and is very good at getting under people’s skin.

Although he can cover just about any wide receiver, Rhodes biggest issue is that he’s sloppy. He either misses coverages or gets burned. And that could worry Buccaneers fans.

Tampa could have one of the best defenses in the league if they continue their success. Having a guy like Rhodes out there might take them back.

But who knows, maybe Rhodes comes to Tampa for a season and shows some positive signs. But that’s a question the Buccaneers shouldn’t have to answer.

Todd Bowles

Coming into his second season as Tampa’s defensive coordinator, Todd Bowels has led their defense to a lot of success. Last season, Tampa had the best run defense in the NFL. Bowles is making the Buccaneers scary again, and they shouldn’t bring in an inconsistent player like Rhodes.

However, Bowles’ defense is perfect for a player like Rhodes. Bowles runs a 3-4 and sometimes a 4-3 defense. His defense consists of a lot of press-man coverage, disguising coverages, and nonstop pressure all over the field. A guy like Rhodes would thrive off that.

Coming to Tampa could work for Rhodes. It could be a change of scenery and a much-needed coaching change. But the Buccaneers shouldn’t have their heart set on him, not for the longterm that is.


Overall, if the Buccaneers do wind up signing Rhodes, it should only be for a year. A year gives him time to learn the defense and it also gives him time to prove himself.

What the Buccaneers should worry about is getting younger players. They do not need a 29-year-old corner. It would be a better idea for them to draft one. Rhodes is not the same player especially since he’s been injured before, so his longevity is in question.

Tampa should stick with what’s been working for them. There’s no need to add on more players unless it’s a necessity. Rhodes could disrupt a good thing the Buccaneers have going and that is something they don’t need. They need to be drama free and have a young core of defenders that can get the job done.