Antonio Brown to the Buccaneers “Not Gonna Happen”


Bruce Arians has been a busy man lately. Since signing Tom Brady to a two year deal, Arians has been interviewed on NFL Network, Fox ESPN and now CBS with Tiki and Tierney.

In the interview, Tierney states that Brady has an “affinity” for Brown given his on field production and work ethic.

When asked if we could see Antonio Brown in pewter and red in 2020, Arians responds by saying “he’s not a good fit here”.

Arians was even asked if they would consider Brown on the veteran minimum, and Arians still doesn’t budge. You can listen to the entire interview below.

Brown was once an elite wide receiver in the NFL. While on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown posted seven 1,000 yard seasons, leading the league in two of those instances.

But we all know Brown’s off field history. Forcing himself out of Pittsburgh, Oakland, and then New England. Brown was also accused of sexual assault last fall, and could be suspended to start the year.

So fans can put the Antonio Brown to the Tampa Bay rumors to rest, because as Bruce Arians said it’s “not gonna happen”.