Buccaneers Virtual Draft Philosophy: The Tape Doesn’t Lie


Much has been made of the Covid-19 and the ability of general managers to evaluate talent. Underclassmen who need pro days and small-school athletes should be granted another year to return and play at their respective schools. I disagree, the tape doesn’t lie.


The Virus Strikes Another Athletic Component

With the NFL Draft going virtual and draftees being forced to stay at home, there have been multiple changes. Some professional team managers, prognosticators, and athletes have argued for everything to be postponed. But it’s not necessary. First of all, this is what the population needs in times like these. We need something to root for and focus on that is not related to the great tragedy that is happening around us. Second off, how much does a pro day effect three to four years worth of tape that tells the true story? General managers will now actually focus on what counts.

In the past, other leagues have continued and provided the country with great relief and a source of entertainment. Just ask the All-American Girls Baseball League who filled in for Major League Baseball. In a time when the country needed to cheer for something, these women answered the call during WWII. We NEED something to take our minds off of things going on! Therefore the NFL Draft must go on.

Positive Results

For sports enthusiasts this could actually be a really good thing. Those arguing against the draft have lost sight of the biggest issues. This game is solely an America’s game. Not just American but the most popular of all of them. Subsequently, Rodger Goodell’s decision to move forward is the right thing to do.

The Buccaneers

To paraphrase general manager Jason Licht, he’s watching more tape and talking to potential draftees more. This could be a good thing. Licht could now spend more time dissecting tape and understanding who a player is instead of tracking pro days and somewhat disingenuous pro day numbers. This could result in the best draft the Buccaneers have ever had. Just in time, too, as they are in a win-now mode and can use as much support from every draft pick as possible.


I understand some (underclassmen) feel they may not have been given a fair chance on draft day given the current situation. With that acknowledgment, I disagree and am of the mindset that the tape tells no lies. Those who are drafted later than they “feel” they deserve to be will be rewarded later with a high-paying second contract after they prove themselves.

Play with a chip on your shoulder or fail. This is the NFL!

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