Which Position Group Will Benefit The Most From The Draft?


With the 2020 NFL Draft only a day away, we must ask, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can strengthen a few positions on their team. Ultimately, this is how you form a contending team. Which position group could benefit the most after the draft is all said and done?

Which Position?

Looking at each team and what their needs are for the draft, offensive linemen jumped right out. For instance, 19 teams have a major need for offensive tackles.

It seems like most teams need to strengthen their offensive lines. Teams with an already great offense need a little more help. And teams who have an offense on life support really need that help upfront. That’s the case for Tampa Bay.

With long time starting right tackle Demar Dotson not returning in 2020, Tampa Bay would be smart to address the position that has been in question for the past several seasons. This could solidify one of the biggest unknowns for the Buccaneers post-draft.

Who Should Teams Draft?

This year’s draft is full of great offensive lineman and two players that stand out are, Andrew Thomas out of Georgia and Jedrick Wills Jr. from Alabama. Other players include Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa, Josh Jones from Houston, and Mekhi Becton of Louisville.

These players carry a ton of potential and will all most likely be first-round picks. This is a rare time where every offensive lineman is just as good as the next. So the question needs to be asked, which player fits the Bruce Arians mold along the offensive line? Better yet, which player will keep Tom Brady’s jersey cleaner?

Why Should Teams Draft This Position?

A talented offensive line is scarce in the NFL. Over the years, several teams have felt the wrath of having a weak offensive line. Teams that lack an offensive line, lack a productive offense. Losing that kind of protection limits the quarterback’s time and decision making.

This is one of few times an NFL draft is this heavy on offensive lineman and teams need to take advantage of it. The names above are incredibly gifted players that could help boost any offense. Building an offensive line takes years if done correctly. Take the Dallas Cowboys for example, who have built their line through the draft.

With young players like Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith, and Alex Cappa along the offensive line, adding those young talented linemen from the draft to help shape a strong cohesive unit bodes well for the future of the team.

Any team with a hole in their offensive line should look for any help they can get. This year’s draft will answer these questions: What do teams need? And who will they take?