Tom Cassidy and the Sundance Gronk


It was going to happen eventually, wasn’t it? Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady rode into town like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Just a matter of time before shenanigans ensued.

The Hole In The Wall Gang

While Brady has been rounding up his receivers like a Hollywood casting call in search of the Arian’s offensive way, Gronkowski has been melting the hearts of Buccaneer moms all over Tampa Bay. He told Ellen DeGeneres that it was his mom being down the road in Ft. Myers and not the chance to rejoin Tom Brady that informed his decision to come out of retirement.

While one was narrowly skirting the law with workouts at a closed Tampa park and avoiding B&E charges, the other showed great sportsmanship while “flipping mulch” when Ron Killings (R-Truth) came out of nowhere to pin the reigning 24/7 Champion and take the WWE 24/7 championship belt.

The Rub

A fire destroyed the field house of the Blake High School Yellow Jackets. Who doesn’t remember the first week of football practice at our respective high schools? Forming a line outside the field house to be assigned a helmet, shoulder pads, etc..

Soccer, Football, and other sports use the high school field. Equipment for all of these sports is stored in a field house. Those familiar with Hillsborough County school funding know that there is no “rainy day fund” from which to draw thousands of dollars to replace all that equipment. As bay area schools will start this fall and the equipment for the sports programs will be essential as students search for some normalcy.

Meet The Gronks

The five Gronkowski brothers have become the first family of Athletic fun. With four brothers (Dan, Chris, Rob, Glenn) having played in the NFL and the fifth brother (Gordie) having played professional baseball. The foundation that bears their name, the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation is such a great endeavor.

The foundation dedicates itself on inspiring youth to reach their maximum potential through sports, education, community, and fitness. With hearts as big as their chiseled frames. The Gronkowski boys are the perfect ambassadors for the community, athletics, and wholesome exuberance.

A Community Gem

Hours after the fire broke out on March 16th, Blake High principal Jesse Salters received an email from Rob Gronkowski. In it, the three-time Super Bowl Champion and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end asked how he could help.

In a tweet by Gronkowski on Tuesday, Rob Gronkowski told the Yellow Jackets that the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would replace all the equipment lost in the fire. He finished the message saying he would see them soon.

They’re One Of Us

The value this duo brings to the community goes well beyond the gridiron. All Buccaneers fans have taken notice. Just like Robert Redford and Paul Newman in the 1969 movie. The 2020 Tampa Bay version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid has an entire community pulling for them. Hoping these types of shenanigans don’t stop anytime soon.