Keion Crossen Speaks with Bucs Reports’ Joshua Allen


Bucs Report’s own Joshua Allen had a virtual interview with former New England Patriots cornerback, Keion Crossen. Crossen, who’s now on the Houston Texans, spoke about his time going against Tom Brady in practice and how the players of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should prepare themselves.

In his rookie year, Crossen said it was hard going against someone like Brady, however, Brady respected his speed. “There were time where I knew Brady would come to me and ask me, ‘Hey Keion, do you think this guy could get a step on you?’”

Although he was struck that Brady asked him what his thoughts were, Crossen used that knowledge to his advantage.

Crossen also realized that Brady trusted his teammates enough to get their input on certain plays. “I really look at is as this guy, and has enough trust in you to ask you a question, and expects an honest answer.”  Honesty is a big part of Brady’s game according to Crossen. When Brady asks a question, he’s looking for an honest answer, not a prideful answer.

Crossen then went into Brady’s leadership on and off the field. “I used to sit right behind Brady in the meetings. And this guy, from the beginning of the meeting to the end, he’s got his pen, his notes.”

After almost 20 years in the league, Brady still takes notes and asks questions. However, his biggest gift is the ability to learn and get advice from his teammates.

Allen asked Crossen what he thought the Bucs should expect on Brady’s arrival. With high expectations for the Buccaneers, Crossen was honest in his answer. He said that you have to come to work every day and just because you have Brady, doesn’t mean you won the Super Bowl. “It doesn’t really matter about one guy, it matters about the team.”

You can watch the entire video below!