What Was The Price For Godwin’s Number?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed quarterback Tom Brady this offseason. Once the shock of that wore off fans had a lot of questions. One was, would wide receiver Chris Godwin give up his #12 to Brady, and what would the price be?


A Team Player

Godwin, being a team player and all around good guy did indeed give the number to Brady. The question remained, what was the cost?

The three year veteran wide receiver was recently on “The Checkdown”, he elaborated on what the #12 meant to him.

“I have been (wearing No. 12) since high school and it means a lot to me,” Godwin said on The Checkdown. “At first it bothered me a little bit, it was kind of getting at me because it is part of my identity, but when the GOAT comes calling you kind of concede to him. Like I said, hopefully I can get a ring or two or three out of that. I was more than happy to do it. I have a new persona for me, 1-4. We’re going to move forward and make something special with it.”

The Price

So back to the “price” for Godwin’s number. Some guessed it would be a substantial check, some speculated there would be some sort of a lavish gift. The answer is much simpler, Brady promised Godwin a ring, a Super Bowl ring!

Lets be honest, that’s a HUGE promise, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Brady.