Rumors Of Antonio Brown Becoming A Buccaneer Are Growing


Originally reported by JT The Brick on Twitter, news of Antonio Brown’s arrival in Tampa Bay is gaining traction. Michael Lombardi of the Athletic went on the back up the news saying, “Hearing the same thing.”



 Although these reports are getting attention, Greg Auman reminded the NFL world that Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians is on record saying it’s not going to happen.

“Yeah, it’s not gonna happen. There’s no room. And probably not enough money. But it’s not gonna happen. It’s not a fit here,” Arians said in March.

The Buccaneers went on to draft wide receiver Tyler Johnson a month later. The thought of Antonio Brown coming to the Bucs doesn’t really make much sense. The Buccaneers really don’t have the money.

However, it’s not only a money issue, it’s a locker room issue too. Brown is not the guy a team should want around young players. Brown hasn’t played since early on in the  2019 season, and only played one game.

The other reason why it won’t work, the Bucs have three solid wide receivers, and four if you count Tyler Johnson. The reality of Brown wearing red and pewter is slim. Plus, the Bucs have yet to sign their draft picks.

The Buccaneers don’t have the money to dish out to a player like Brown. They have way more to worry about right now, like signing Shaquil Barrett, and their draft picks. I personally don’t see this happening, and neither does Bruce Arians.