NFL Considering COVID-19 Liability Waiver For Fans


Although COVID-19 is still very much a pressing concern, the NFL season is set to start as scheduled this year. However, with the rise of cases comes a rise in caution. The NFL is contemplating having fans that attend games this year sign a liability waiver, per The Athletic.

The league will release the waiver proposal to teams by next week. The waiver is just one of many ways the league is taking the proper precautions to ensure a successful reopening.

Per The Athletic, a source close to the stadium opening guidelines said, “It is something you do electronically, just trying to figure out operational challenges associated with waivers.” NFL stadiums are working with NFL Sr. VP of Security, Cathy Lanier, to iron out the wrinkles in the waivers.

Although the pandemic has hit the league hard these last few weeks, the league expects to play this year.