NFLPA Voted Against Playing Preseason Games


The NFLPA held a phone meeting on Thursday night to decide whether or not the league should move forward with its preseason. Earlier this week, the NFL proposed cutting preseason games in half, from four to two. Now, the NFLPA is looking to eliminate the preseason all together.

Dan Graziano, NFL Insider for ESPN, Tweeted that during the call “union’s board of representatives voted unanimously to recommend that the NFL play no preseason games this year.” Although it is still unclear what the league’s motives are at this time, it seems that fans agree with the decision.

Senior NFL reporter Albert Breer announced new COVID-19 testing and precautions that the NFL would use this season. From testing players more often, to extending strength-and-condition.

“One involves players having to pass two tests 24 hours part,” Breer’s tweet read.

The joint committee between the NFLPA and the NFL on health-and-safety has suggested a three-week “acclimation” period. This recommendation would mean that strength-and-conditioning happens before helmets go on, likely shrinking the summer timeline.

The NFL is trying everything in its power to remain afloat for the 2020 season. If the league does decide to not have any preseason games, it could benefit the players. It will give them the time they need to not only get in shape, but also remain in shape.

As we inch closer to training camp, the idea of having no preseason games will most likely be the right move.