From the Cheap Seats: Ke’Shawn Vaughn Overlooked


Always Overlooked

Ke’Shawn Vaughn has always been overlooked, overshadowed, and he always overcomes it. Vaughn recently shared how he ran into struggles immediately in college and he had to learn patience. He talked about how his patience helped his maturity and he learned to overcome and over-perform consistently.

Now he is a professional football player. College is in the rearview mirror, but the situation is familiar. Everyone is talking about Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin, along with the defensive additions and heroes. Vaughn is once again lost in the conversation shuffle. He has been in this situation before when he arrived at Illinois and performed brilliantly. Then after his transfer to Vanderbilt, he found himself once again, getting lost in the shuffle. What’s the result? A stunning highlight reel.

Always Overcomes

Now he comes to the Buccaneers and is barely even spoken about. He isn’t even talked about as being the starting running back. Ronald Jones II is considered the top back in Tampa, but before you count Vaughn out, you may want to check out that highlight reel one more time and think about Tom Brady’s history.

Brady does not hold on to the ball long. He loves to dump the ball off to his backs, and he loves screen passes. Watch that highlight reel again. Vaughn is very talented not only at explosive, break-away runs, but notice how many of those are swing passes out of the backfield, dump-off passes, and screens. He has shockingly powerful runs carrying defensive backs to the end zone.

Ready for the G.O.A.T.

Jones has flashed occasionally. He has not been a great blocker or pass catcher. Vaughn excels in both categories and with a 43-year-old quarterback, you need a running back that can help with pass protection. During his interview following being drafted, Vaughn said, “Now that I have Tom Brady as my quarterback, I know I have to be even more serious about getting that done.” He is working hard on technique and being an all-around back.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn has always been overlooked, but don’t be surprised if he rises quickly in the Buccaneers offense. His skill set is tailor-made for a Brady led offense. Vaughn looks like he is going to be a breakout star this season.  At least that’s how it looks From the Cheap Seats.