Ryan Jensen has His Own COVID-19 Protocol


Buccaneers fans have seen starting center Ryan Jensen working out with the Brady Bunch in Tampa at Berkley Prep. The exchange between center and quarterback happens on nearly every single snap in a game. Building that chemistry seems like an excellent idea. What doesn’t seem like a good idea is gathering in Dallas, Texas like a flash mob dancing in an NSYNC video.


OL Masterminds Summit

I could excuse one for wondering how the use of “mastermind” is to be taken here. With the entire world still very much concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic, NFL fans are dreaming of teams reporting to camp in weeks. The NFLPA and the NFL are still working on an ever-changing COVID protocol. In these times, we find that action really speaks louder than words.

The OL Mastermind Summit was this weekend in Dallas, Texas. Exercising social distancing and mask-wearing was not. The entire NFL Universe is holding its breath for the start of a 2020 season. Yet, these offensive linemen are acting like worrying about the virus is only something mere mortals do.

C’mon, Man!

As reported on Pro Football Talk, the meeting this weekend seems to ignore the COVID-19 safeguards the world has been practicing since the start of this pandemic. In a tweet by one Aaron Wilson, (seen here), six feet, masks, and just about every other safety protocol is being ignored.

In still another video, the Buccaneers Ryan Jensen wins a chicken wing eating contest. The feat, seen here, could very well be confused as a gathering from any other time. A time long ago when people could stand and cheer in a group and not worry about every breath.

This is not a teammate issue. A person’s character should not be questioned because of the way they act around good friends. There is a constitution somewhere that protects that right.

By that same token, a veteran offensive lineman and soon to be first-time father reserves the right to opt-out. Players with genuine concern for their health and that of their family have some hard questions to answer.

One question might be; how will a teammate taking part in a chicken eating contest during a global pandemic put people at risk? That center/quarterback exchange gets real tricky if one of them is quarantined.