Report: Players approve NFL’s Plan for 2020 Season


Football is officially back! Only two weeks ago, it seemed as though the NFL and its players were at a crossroads in the negotiating process. But ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on late Friday evening, the NFL’s plan to adjust the CBA due to COVID-19 was approved by a 29-3 vote.



One of the biggest questions was, how will the NFL handle the salary cap with the potential loss in revenue in 2020. It seems as though the financial burden will be spread across multiple seasons, into 2024.

There was also concern that next seasons salary cap would take a dramatic dive, but that will not be the case. In fact, the 2021 salary cap is locked to not dip below $175 million. That is still around $20 million less than this season, but it is much less of a substantial loss.

The deal is expected to be signed on Monday, which will give players seven days to opt out of the 2020 season. Once this deadline passes, you can no longer opt out with compensatory pay.

High risk players who opt out will be compensated with $350,000 while voluntary opt outs will reward $150,000. It is unclear what constitutes a high risk player. But one can assume that players with pre-existing conditions will fall under this umbrella.

Training Camp

Under the new training camp structure, players will participate in testing and physicals for the first 5-6 days, starting July 30th. Strength and conditioning, with walk-throughs, will encompass the second week. And finally, helmets will go on through day 18, until pads finally come on in day 20.

This is a substantial change for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As Tom Brady is attempting to build chemistry with his new team. With less practice time in pads, it will be difficult to get up to speed. But if anyone can do it, bet on the greatest quarterback of all time.