Lavonte David Kicks Off the NFL’s Top 100 Players


Every offseason, NFL Network unveils their top 100 players in the league. This year, five Tampa Bay Buccaneer players have made the list, including Lavonte David.


You might think, “Great! He is finally getting the recognition he deserves”. Even I thought the same thing, until I took a glance at his ranking.

The 100th player? Really?

Among non-pass rushing linebackers in 2019, David ranked 3rd in tackles for loss and was tied for first in forced fumbles. He was also top 10 in tackles, interceptions and passes defended.

To be fair, David did not have his best season in 2019, but one that should warrant a top 75 selection at a minimum.

Lets hope that the signing of Tom Brady, coupled with multiple prime time games in 2020, will finally put David on the map.