From The Cheap Seats: A Decade Of Futility


It’s been a brutal decade of Buccaneer futility. How brutal? The Detroit Lions have fourteen fewer losses. When you take into account that there are 16 games in a season that is mind numbing. 


It Gets Worse

The Buccaneers have amassed a 59-101 record over the last 10 years.  Only two teams have recorded a win-loss record below the Bucs. The Cleveland Browns have a stunning 42 wins over a full ten year period. Tom Brady and the Patriots have nearly tripled the Browns win total with 125 wins and the unfortunate holder of second to last is the Jaguars. They have only accumulated 51 victories in a full decade.

Another stunning statistic over a ten year period is that Brady has lead the Patriots into battle in 23 post-season games. Brady has actually played in 30 total post season games in his career. When you talk of his age and wear and tear it should be taken into account that he has played almost two full extra seasons and his body has already endured that action.

Even Them?

The Washington Football Team and Las Vegas Raiders even have 4 more victories than the Bucs over that period.

The most telling and disturbing statistic of all is found simply looking within the NFC South. The Buccaneers come solidly in last place with those 59 victories. The team above them in the division is Panthers with 78 victories. That is more than a full undefeated season’s worth of victories more than the Bucs and that only netted the Panthers second to last in the division.

Before It Gets Better

There is a very strong feeling of change in the air in Tampa. The futility of the last decade has been replaced by a new feeling. Hope. What matters at this point is NOT the last decade. It is NOW. This new decade, and it looks good From The Cheap Seats.