Of Course There Should be an NFL/Buccaneer Bubble


There were some who considered me crazy for calling for a “Buccaneer Bubble” over the last couple of months on my show, Cup of Ray. The logistics are too much some said. These are professional athletes and will not take to a bubble atmosphere. The NBA has the Disney bubble, but for thirty-two NFL teams? How can this work you may ask.


As I Was Saying

Last week on the Sports Web, I proposed that each NFL city should have at least two full functioning hotels. One for visiting teams, obviously. One for the home team. Not so obvious. My point being that for players who have loved ones at home with preexisting conditions. New children. For any type of reason. Having a place to self quarantine upon arrival from a road trip. Someplace to spend 48-72 hours. To pass several COVID-19 tests before returning to be with the family. This just makes sense.

Standing outside Raymond James Stadium in June I first used the term Buccaneer Bubble. I spoke of why having a place other than the Advent Health Training Facility would be ideal. Also, a place for players to voluntarily check-in should there be a situation where an exposure can be avoided, and keep it safe for both the family at home, as well as the family on the field is just good policy.

Mike Florio and Chris Simms talked about the Buccaneers now considering a voluntary regular season bubble. Think of it as a safety buffer that can be added to an already thorough COVID-19 protocol. See video (here).

Unprecedented Season

There may never be another year with as many challenges, dangers, and unresolved issues as 2020. The league that keeps moving their feet, adjusting on the fly, and is constantly looking to improve all areas of concern will the league that has the most success through these trying times.

The Buccaneer Bubble is a regular season, voluntary situation that will give the team, and players more options for safety during the upcoming season. We should not be surprised if all thirty-two NFL teams employ some type of model similar to what the Buccaneers are looking at here. It shouldn’t be taken as a surprise if a team as dedicated to success this season at the Buccaneers are, don’t look longer, and harder at implementing the bubble approach on a more consistent basis.

I didn’t coin the term Buccaneer Bubble. You don’t have to be a genius to realize the more protected teams can keep their players the better.