Devin White Poised for a Sensational 2020


Second-year player Devin White is having a quiet training camp so far in 2020. With big names such as Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski flooding the market, it’s no surprise that White is going under the radar on the national stage.


But not for fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many believe White can eventually take over for Lavonte David, becoming a perennial Pro-Bowl player like Bobby Wagner or Luke Kuechly.

White’s sideline to sideline speed was his biggest strength coming from LSU, but he thinks he can improve, playing “10 times faster” than last year.

Coming off of a knee injury, White had to play with a brace which hindered his mobility and lateral quickness. With a fully healthy lower body, it should not be a concern in 2020.

As with most rookies, the speed of the NFL game can overwhelm, especially when they’re thrust into a leadership role. With experience and rep comes a slower game on the psychological level, which should really let White do less thinking, and more hitting.

This should help the defense, especially the rookies cut down from the mental errors of last season. And while it was a tale of two halves, the unit cannot start 2020 like they did 2019.

But what about expectations from a statistical standpoint? Well, White already has his eyes set on a particular goal, aiming for five interceptions in 2020.

In fact, White has been hitting the jugs machine daily, hoping to improve that part of his game. Five picks are doable, as 94 linebackers have done it, spanning the history of the NFL.

It won’t be easy, but if anyone can do it, its first-round stud Devin White.