William Gholston Talks About his Second Year Under Bowles


It’s William Gholston’s second year in defensive coordinator Todd Bowles‘ system, and he said he’s more comfortable with his understanding of it all.

When I asked him if he feels he’ll be able to play more freely in his second year, he said,

“I think I will be able to use my assets well in this defense now understanding the concepts and the schemes, yeah.”

He also has taken the role of mentor to some younger players on the team.

“The most important thing right now… because we didn’t have a preseason is to be mentally prepared for everything. So really just studying the plays with them, taking their ear, whatever they need to know, whatever they need to say. Trying to dumb the plays down to make it make sense to you. That way you speed up the gameplay.”

With the defensive line mostly staying intact from last year, Gholston feels like he can have a bigger impact than he did in 2019. While helping develop the younger guys behind him. For the leagues reigning number one rush defense that’s a good thing.