The Most Successful Off Season In NFL History


This has been possibly the most successful off season in NFL history. That may sound like a big claim, but I challenge you to name a better one. I’ll wait.

Time To Talk About Quarterbacking

It’s time to stop talking about Tom Brady joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Its time to start talking about Tom Brady quarterbacking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s time to talk game day football!

I have researched and googled and even questioned some experts and not one could dispute the claim that this has been the best off season for any NFL franchise EVER. The list of new starters is impressive: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Antoinne Winfield Jr., Leonard Fournette, LeSean McCoy, Tristan Wirfs. The biggest loss is probably quarterback Jameis Winston but…Tom Brady.

No significant opt outs in the face of a pandemic. No major injuries during training camp. Every single free agent of significance on defense, called priority one by the head coach, resigned.

Position By Position

There simply is not one single area of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that can be pointed to as having been down graded and there are so many positions that have drastically and dramatically improved. I guess kicking is the only unknown.

The off season is now over and the Bucs can claim a run away victory of the off season. All of that hard work and all of those changes come into play in the aluminum echo chamber of the Mercedes Superdome. Now it is time to enjoy the spoils of an off season that I promise you will be talked about for decades, to come.

Take One More Moment

It’s game day! It’s time to snap on the chin straps and take it to the field but take just one more moment to remember these last crazy months. Appreciate these best of times. Relish these moments. While the world was falling apart the Buccaneers were coming together. Remember this fun for just one more beat.

Toe will soon meet leather and this off season will be history. The talk of free agent signings finally turns to real football and fans should be more excited than ever before. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just completed the most successful off season in NFL history. At 4:25pm that won’t matter any more. Now comes the quest for the real league championship. It’s going to be a ride, but in the Cheap Seats the fans are happy and excited. More excited than they have been in decades, and it’s well deserved.

Let’s do this thing!

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