Tom Brady Is Not God, It Just Seems That Way


The image of Tom Brady holding up four fingers became an instant meme. And not just among NFL fans. As a result, even in defeat, the Buccaneers snatched media victory. Losing football games was never this teams problem. However, losing football games and the nation making fun because we should have won. Now that is rare.


“Lord What Fools These Mortals Be”

While Buccaneer fans have heard every single pundit in the world make reference to the gaffe, they have remained pretty silent on it. Like an ignored dog just happy for the attention of a good petting. Truth is, Buccaneers’ fans know that things are about to get better. A whole lot better. So the nation needing to recognize that #12 is not quite perfect. No skin off of a pirates backside.

Have Some Fun With This

Seems that everybody had something to say about the infamous four-finger salute. First, after a huge game last Sunday there was Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie WR, Chase Claypool. The rookie out of Notre Dame had a huge four touchdown performance against the Eagles last Sunday. Following the game he posted this meme on Twitter.

Second, there was Tom Brady himself making light of the entire thing. In just the most beautiful, and respectful way, Brady recognized the 4th NBA title for King LeBron James in the following tweet. Definitely a keeper.

Did You Hear The One About…

Rarely has an NFL team got so much run from a vanilla loss. Former Buccaneers kicker (Cairo Santos), versus current Buccaneers kicker (Ryan Succop). A whole lot of defense and wheel routes. Basically a snoozer of a Thursday Night Football matchup. Aren’t they all?

The world expects perfection from Tom Brady. If they want to portray him as the second coming, so be it. Tampa Bay just wants the leader Tom Brady is known to be. Buccaneers’ fan saw a little bit of that last week as well.