The 2020 Buccaneers are Just Beginning to Find Themselves


Watching the Buccaneers in 2020 has been like watching the Masked Singer. You could tell there was somebody in there that could sing. You just didn’t know their true identity. At the start of the second quarter on Sunday, neither did the Bucs.


Oh, There You Are! 

To say the 2020 has been unprecedented for the Buccaneers would be an understatement. Form the influx of talent to the global pandemic, this team had an excuse for a slow start. Except in the “coach them hard and hug them later‘ system, there are no excuses. This team needed some self discovery.

That discovery began at the start of the second quarter on Sunday. After spotting the Packers ten points and a world of momentum, the Buccaneers began to find themselves. And it turns out. They didn’t have to go very far.

Meet the New Bucs. Same as the Old Bucs.

The Todd Bowles led defense Buccaneers fans saw on Sunday seemed so familiar. Like a favorite pair of worn slippers. The stifling, hungry, nasty streak defense reminded fans of a storied past. Where another Green Bay quarterback would set the world on fire, then fizzle out on the green grass at Ray Jay.

The Buccaneers defense allowed Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to have his way. Then, flipped the script and ruined his day.  The secondary was feeding off of turnovers while linebackers were munching on sacks. The defensive line was also wreaking havoc in the Packers backfield. This defense looked quite scary.

Only this is Different 

Like removing the mask and finding two great singers. This Buccaneers team is anything but one dimensional. With time to continue to adjust to his new teammates, Tom Brady and this offensive juggernaut will shine.

The great news is this defense is already shining and are not resting on their laurels. “We want this team to be a defensive team”, stated Devin White, “because at the end of the day, we want to be the guys on the field when its crunch time”.

The true identity of the entire Buccaneers team is still developing. The good news is, the development just might have a lot of Buccaneer fans singing a happy tune. As well as opponents screaming for mercy.