The Monster of Tampa Bay: The Return of Rob Gronkowski


For the last three weeks, Rob Gronkowski has been dominate for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 31-year old tight end had a slow start to the 2020 season, which was expected. However, since week five in Chicago, he’s been one of Brady’s most reliable targets.

No O.J. In Sight

With the unfortunate injury to O.J. Howard, Gronkowski has been given an opportunity to shine. Even though the Buccaneers still have Cameron Brate who hasn’t had a bad year, Gronkowski is showing that he can still play even with his past injury history.

 One Year

After missing an entire season due to retirement, Gronkowski came back to football and followed Brady down to Tampa Bay. Some experts thought he wasn’t going to do much since he had missed a year, or they simply thought he’d get hurt again. But that is not the case.

Gronkowski has been playing at an elite level the last few weeks. Although he did have a slow start, he bounced back in a big way. He’s not only proved the experts wrong, but the NFL as well.

Three Weeks of Gronk

Over the last three weeks, going back to week five against the Bears, Gronkowski has a total of 192 yards and two touchdowns. Not so bad for a guy who missed last season. In just seven weeks, Gronkowski has accumulated a total of 280 yards with two touchdowns.

He’s On Fire

The Buccaneers are lucky to have a player like Gronk. He’s a dynamic player who is always open which helps Brady immensely. Although his injuries are still in question, Gronkowski has played at a high level over the past few weeks. If the Buccaneers want to win, they need to keep passing it to Gronkowski.

He’s been one of their best players all year, regardless of the slow start. He’s also very sneaky at being used as a decoy. But his bread and butter is his size, and how he uses it to overpower defenders.

If things continue trending up for Gronkowski, the rest of the NFL has a major problem on their hands. He is one of the few players that can’t be stopped.