Takeaways from Antonio Brown’s Press Conference


Yesterday afternoon’s press conferences began as usual with head coach Bruce Arians. Arians answered several questions regarding Antonio Brown, the media was allowed to meet with the Buccaneers newest player.

TB12 Connection

Appearing in a TB12 ball cap, Brown answered questions with a sense of humility. It started with Brown discussing his time off allowing him to reevaluate his life and his priorities. After expressing his gratitude to the Buccaneers organization for giving him a second chance he discussed how he has kept in shape physically and has worked on himself internally.

When asked what he would have to say to his critics, Brown discussed it as a desire to prove them wrong. He discussed how he has to work day in and day out and remain disciplined. The wide receiver also expressed gratitude to Tom Brady for his support and friendship

The Diva

Brown was asked directly about head coach Bruce Arians saying that he has “too much diva in him.” He responded by thanking Arians and giving him credit for how much he has impacted him as a coach. Brown said he’s not worried about those words that were spoken, he knows what the coach is like in his life. He knows how Arians motivates him.

“I’m just excited to be here. I’m excited to play.” He continued to discuss that he has a great support system here and he is ready to show everyone what he can do. He talked about how he is working on himself internally and “developing positive things within.”

Changing Within

Brown thanked motivational speaker Tony Robbins for helping him work on letting go of his anger. And how he feels as though he is a better person now after working on himself for a year and a half.

When asked if there was any interest from other teams, Brown responded, “Any time you have a chance to work with the greatest quarterback in the world and work with Bruce Arians, you take it.