Scotty Miller on Rob Gronkowski’s Leadership


Once known as a frat boy, Rob Gronkowski has become so much more. At 6’6” and 256 lbs, one doesn’t have to worry about perception.Pro Bowls, Championships, and Tom Brady’s go to guy who has a big heart a passion with no end. The 11th year veteran tight end has a new image these days. Football liaison.

Just One of the Boys

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL this week, Buccaneers second year wide receiver Scotty Miller raved about Gronkowski’s impactful presence in the locker room.

Saying that the age-gap with Tom Brady and the youthful Buccaneers squad is real, Miller goes on to say “but I think Gronk definitely keeps [Brady] young.”

Can you imagine the levity a character like Gronk brings to the team’s chemistry? A perfect counter balance to the zenith that is Tom Brady. Just like a 2020 work-from-home zoom meeting. Business on the top, party down below. And the two could not compliment each other better if they were trying.

Keeping it Real

”Gronk’s definitely a good character to have in the locker room”, he’s definitely the biggest character we got.. Always dancing around the locker room, you know, doing all that sort of stuff. Really brings that energy everyday, gives everyone a positive vibe… It’s awesome to come to work here everyday.”

Miller has developed a “deep” respect with Brady himself, has the former Bowling Green Falcon with standing ‘reservation for six’ on any given play.

For all the ways this season could have gone wrong. A shortened off-season, new captain at QB. The expectations that were heaped upon this Buccaneers squad could have been crippling. Having a veteran, and himself a GOAT in Rob Gronkowski continues to be such an important aspect to the 2020 team.

Keeping it lite. Acting as an interpreter between Father Time (Brady), and the rest of the team. Wearing his heart on his sleeve. Playing with the enthusiasm of a college freshman, but the tools of a magnificent veteran. Gronkowski brings a respectability to the Buccaneers offense. He is also bringing a lesson to the other members of the squad. Dance like everybody’s watching but you don’t even care. Stay loose. And chive on.

Perception will take care of itself.

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