Devin White: Big Numbers, Little Recognition


Devin White is an incredibly interesting player. Fans have pointed to his zone coverage struggles, but you can’t deny his ability to rush the passer.

As a second year player, White still has a long way to go before he becomes a top linebacker in the league. But he has done something that very few have done this century.

White has recorded 10 or more tackles and at least three sacks in multiple games.

White had key sacks against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday to secure a 31-27 victory. His other three sack performance came against a 45-20 win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Through 15 games, Devin White has recorded the third most tackles in the league with 130. His eight sacks are also the most for any inside linebacker this season.

It seems as though White is quickly becoming a fan and league favorite too. White currently ranks second in pro-bowl fan voting for an inside linebacker.

But Then There’s This

Pro Football Focus, whether you love them or hate them, has graded White very poor for most of the season. His grade of a 42 is in the bottom 10 for a linebacker.

Take White’s stats and his overall grade with a grain of salt however, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Devin White has been incredibly effective as a blitzer, but his tackling and coverage ability still need to drastically improve.

I have no doubt White can live up to his draft status. He’s done things to make you think he can be one of the best linebackers in the league. But there is a lot to be desired, lets see what White can put together down the stretch, and in the playoffs.