Who Will Be Coaching for the Lions on Saturday


2020 came in like a lion but is going out like a …

The Detroit Lions announced Tuesday that they were conducting all business remotely due to a Covid-19 exposure. Buccaneers fans asked if this would effect this Saturday’s week 16 matchup?

The game is still scheduled to be played the day after Christmas. But who will be playing, or more so, coaching for the Lions, remains to be seen.

Got To Coach Em Up

Already on their seconds coach for the season. Having let Matt Patricia go earlier in the year. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was given the interim tag for the remainder of this season. He, as well as almost all the teams defensive coaches have been identified as “close contacts” to a positive case of the virus. Leaving their status for this weeks game up in the air.

Reported by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, thru Pro Football Talk (here). Who will be on the sidelines coaching for the Lions on Saturday will be determined by who tests negatively through the protocols, and who may not.

We’re Still Going There

The article also mentions that one of the Lions assistants did not have his contact tracing device on at all times and had other people in his office.

There are going to be teams that may not have as vested an interest in following all protocols, at all times. Obviously, teams like the Buccaneers that are staring right at the playoffs for the first time in years, will.

As for every other NFL team. Regardless of playoff scenarios, injuries, game plans, etc. the success of the stringent NFL Covid-19 protocols will depend entirely on everybody continuing to follow them.

Although 2020 may whimper out like a lamb. Success in continuing to win the battle against the Corona Virus will have the world roaring in 2021.

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