Offensive Free Agents that Could Help the Buccaneers in the Playoffs


The playoffs are quickly approaching and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could look to add or upgrade some depth. Though the offense has strengths, there could be that one pivotal role player or substitute that could come in handy. Injuries happen and the playoffs are not the place to find yourself shorthanded.

Offensive Line: Cordy Glenn

At the end of last season, Cordy Glenn found himself a free agent. Cincinnati did not want to bring back the often-injured left tackle as they prepared to rebuild around a new quarterback. In March, he was released. As the 2020 season got underway, Glenn traveled to meet other teams. At one point he had a meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, but left without a contract. Still a free agent, Glenn could come in and provide depth at left tackle and guard.

In 2019, Glenn was only on the field for 291 offensive snaps, mostly due to injury. Pro Football Focus (subscription required) graded him out with a score of 76.9 in 171 snaps in 2019. He did not perform as well in run blocking, having a score of 54.6. He allowed four sacks during that span. His overall grade was a 68.4.

The 2018 season was the last time he had a close to the full season under his belt. He graded out at 71.3 for pass blocking and 47.5 for run blocking. His overall score grade was 61.4. He allowed two sacks all season.

When healthy, Glenn can be a solid rotational player to help spell Donavan Smith and others on the line. That is assuming he still wants to play.

Bonus Name: Josh Kline (Guard)

Wide Receiver: Chris Hogan

Sometimes the best free agent is not the one with the most impressive stats. Sometimes one who can come in and immediately have familiarity with the signal-caller is the best option. Chris Hogan spent three years in New England catching passes from Tom Brady.

Each season he posted no less than 34 catches. In 2016 he amassed 680 yards and averaged 17.9 yards a catch. His PFF grade during that time hovered around 60. Not to shabby for a player who would come in as a rotational player with the added advantage of having played with Brady before.

Bonus Name: Taylor Gabriel

Tight End: Charles Clay

Much like the wide receiver position, the Buccaneers have some solid depth. Nonetheless, having a name on a whiteboard in the general managers’ office can aide in an emergency. Clay remains team less, but is not without some talent.

Pro Football Focus (subscription required) graded him last year at an overall score of 64. He played in only 37.7% of the Cardinals’ snaps last year. Catching 18 passes, Clay amassed 237 yards to couple with a lone touchdown.

Bonus Name: Delanie Walker

Running Back: Alfred Blue

A large number of free agent running backs were scooped up in December. Lamar Miller in Washington, Spencer Ware in Chicago, and Jordan Howard returning to the Philadelphia Eagles in November. The list is sparse, but depth can be had.

As previously reported, C.J. Prosise has had a workout for the team but has not been signed yet. This indicates the Buccaneers may be looking into running back depth for the near-term future. Reaching deep into the lackluster pool of backs, Alfred Blue sits far off in people’s thoughts. He may still be a decent piece for depth.

Blue did not play in 2019, so to look at tape or view stats, you have to go back to 2018. As part of a stable consisting of Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman, he saw some solid work. Posting a stout 150 carries, Blue ran for 499 yards and two touchdowns. Averaging 3.3 yards a carry, Blue carries a grade of 63.1 by PFF at seasons close.

Blue’s disappearance in 2019 was due to injury and it was somewhat odd not to see him find a roster spot anywhere in 2020. Hopefully Blue has been able to keep in shape as it is slim pickings for running backs.

Bonus Name: None

The Buccaneers

Take note that there was no player mentioned for the quarterback position. That is because if Tom Brady can’t play, there is no real talent to be had to lead this team to victory. Luckily, the Buccaneers have some solid depth on offense. Reinforcing the offensive line may be the best bet in this situation.

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