More Than Playoff Seeding on the Line for Two Buccaneers


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are heading into week 17 of the NFL season with a playoff birth already in hand. In their season finale against the Atlanta Falcons the Buccaneers will be playing to improve their playoff seeding. A win versus the Falcons means a 5th seed and playing the NFC East champion in the wild card round. A loss could mean playing a team like the Seattle Seahawks or the New Orleans Saints in the wild card round.

The playoff seeding isn’t the only thing on the line Sunday, well at least for two Buccaneers.

Tom Brady signed with the Buccaneers in the offseason looking to prove a few things. He’s done that and more. If the 6th round pick out of Michigan can finish in the top 5 in passing yards he will cash in on an incentive just north of half a million. Not bad for a system quarterback with a noodle arm and no long ball huh?

Speaking of veterans who are “past their prime”, Ndamukong Suh has been proving that notion wrong for awhile now. Not always the biggest stat guy, Suh is a constant presence across the line of scrimmage. His disruptive force is part of the foundation of this defenses success. That’s why it’s so fitting that Suh’s incentive is based on the entire defenses performance.