Super Bowl Stat Line Prediction: Buccaneers Wide Receivers


With the Super Bowl right around the corner speculation and analysis of every element of each team is in full swing. The Buccaneers are being scrutinized by any armchair quarterback and sports analyst alike. The wide receivers, of course, are a hot topic. With such a deep cast here is a look at what the Buccaneers can achieve.

Mike Evans

In their first match up Mike Evans was held in check for most of the game. With nine targets he was suppressed to only three catches. That amounts to a 33% reception rate. In the end, the only redeeming factor was the fact that two of the receptions were for touchdowns.

So far in the playoffs, Evans has fared better. With a total of 21 targets over three games Evans has hauled in ten passes. This increase equates to a 47.6% catch rate. Out of the three games Mike has caught two touchdowns. Additionally, he has hauled in nine first downs. Subsequently, he is averaging 57 yards a game in the postseason. During the regular season, Evans has posted better numbers. In the 13 games, he played he averaged a catch percentage of 67%. Secondly, his yards per game were higher with an average of 62.9 yards. Lastly,

In the Super Bowl Evans looks as though he will continue to command coverage from Kansa City’s number one corner, Bashaud Breeland. This match could leave Evans struggling. Ultimately fans can expect Evans to be targeted approximately seven times. With those targets, Evans will have four receptions for 45 yards and a touchdown.

Chris Godwin

In week 12 Chris Godwin fared the best out of all the reviewers. The Chiefs struggled to contain him as he posted eight receptions on nine catches. The result, 97 yards with an average of 12.1 yards a catch. His 88.9% reception percentage was one of his best for the season. Only twice did he beat that number. He will need to repeat that kind of performance to lift the Buccaneers over the Chiefs.

As for the playoffs, Godwin’s catch percentage has taken a drastic hit. Posting only a percentage of 50% so far. Dropped passes have plagued him since the start of the postseason. Hopefully, a two-week break between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl will allow him to clear his head and get back in the game. During the regular season, Godwin was a sure-handed wideout with a catch percentage of 77.4% and an average of 70 yards a game.

With the upcoming game, Godwin should bounce back. He will adjust whatever is plaguing him and turn in a performance that should lead this receiving corps. With 11 targets Godwin will secure seven catches for 115 yards and a touchdown. With a likely average north of 12 yards, a reception Godwin will be key in moving the chains.

Antonio Brown

In the week 12 match up Antonio Brown was still learning the offense and was only scratching the surface of what he can do with Bruce Arians attacking style. With only three targets and 11 yards, he was hardly noticed. His postseason performance has been lacking luster as well. With only six targets and three receptions, he has done little to aid this team in victory. Much like Godwin, his playoff performance has not mirrored his regular-season stats. If he can get back to his 2020 72% catch rate and 60 yards a game average this offense should click.

The Super Bowl could be his chance to redeem himself. After all, the Chiefs did not get to see him in full form. Two questions must be answered though. Is he healthy and can he be dominant? If the answer to the first question is yes, the second question should be yes as well. This could be a breakout game for Brown.  If healthy he will see the field much more. Healthy Brown will be targeted nine times with six receptions and over 70 yards. Unhealthy Brown will be irrelevant.

Scotty Miller

Scotty Miller this season has found himself buried on the depth chart. In the week 12 matchup, he had only one target and it was an incomplete pass. Since that game, he has found a small market share of targets in each game. Mostly ranging between one and three passes.

During the playoffs, he has seen about the same usage as he recorded post the week 12 game. Could he see more snaps During the Super Bowl is where teams pull out all the stops. Miller may find himself in some trick plays and other situations that require him to see the field more often. Miller may see upwards of four targets with three catches. His stat line will push over the 50-yard mark and will have a touchdown.

Tyler Johnson

Week 12 played out for Tyler Johnson just like Miller’s stat line. One target no receptions. As for the season, Johnson as a rookie has been submerged behind one of the most talented rosters of wide receivers. When he does see the field, he has a catch percentage of 70.6%. In the playoffs, he has remained steady with a rate of 66%. Of all the receivers he has remained the most consistent from the regular season to the playoffs. On his two catches, he has gained a first down each time.

The Super Bowl will allow for Johnson to step on to the big stage and provide relief to some of the other receivers. Tom Brady will throw his way two times and he will catch both. Additionally, each will be over the 12-yard threshold and provide a pivotal first down. If Brown is a no-go Johnson should expect a few more targets.

Bold: The Receiving Group

Adding all the stats together the receiving corps alone will account for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. Bruce Arians will have this group pull it all together in their final performance. Finally, this roster will pull it all together as they have the capability to keep up with the Chiefs’ high power offense.

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