Super Bowl Stat Line Prediction: Running Backs


To be a Super Bowl Champion teams need to be balanced. They must possess both defense and offense. They must also have a complimentary run game that opens up the passing game. Luckily the Buccaneers have found that balance on offense. The running back corps will play a decisive role on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some bold perditions for their stat lines.

Leonard Fournette

Week 12 did not turn out very well for Leonard Fournette. He was overshadowed by Ronald Jones at the time. Subsequently, he rushed three times for ten yards. Additionally, he caught three catches for another ten yards. But since week twelve and some injury issues with Jones, Fournette has turned things around.

Only twice after week 12 did Fournette not ascertain more than double-digit carries. This shift in momentum has elevated Fournette’s regular-season stats to 3.8 yards a carry and six touchdowns. He also pulled in 36 catches with a reception rate of 76.6%. Bu the best was yet to come.

Fournette turned it on this postseason. Boasting a boosted 4.4 yards a carry this post-season Fournette is making his presence felt. While averaging sixteen carries a game he continues to pull in 70 yards on average per game. Though he did not see the field much against the Chiefs this may have an advantage. Especially since the Chiefs are 21st against the run this year.

Ultimately Fournette should get the nod over Jones at this point. The result is a bruising running back to wear down the defense and aid the passing game.  Fournette will achieve over 100 yards in the Super Bowl and punch it in for a touchdown. With setting the pace to keep the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands he will be a candidate for Super Bowl MVP.

You thought you saw the best of playoff “Lenny” but you haven’t.

Ronald Jones 

The Kansas City Chiefs have Tyreek Hill as an X factor. The Buccaneers will enter the Super Bowl with Jones as theirs. Make no mistake, Ronald Jones is a threat. His limited playing time since week due to injuries is not indicative of his talent. In the last matchup against the Chiefs, he spun twisted, and leaped his way to 66 yards on only nine carries. He also added a catch for 37 yards and a touchdown. Healthy Jones will break this game wide open.

As proof, during the regular season, Jones fell just 22 yards short of 1,00 yards rushing. That’s after missing games. During this period, he pushed it downfield for an average of 5.1 yards a carry with an astonishing average of three yards after contact. Unfortunately, due to his injuries, he has been in a limited role especially with Fournette taking over.

In the Super Bowl, he may find himself in a position to excel. In doing so his presence will complicate the defense’s read on what the offense intends to do and push them over the top. Jones will likely hit 12 rushing attempts for 65 yards. On top of that, he will catch two passes for 25 yards.

It may not be the stat line he is looking for but it will play a crucial role in the victory.

Bold Prediction: The Running Back Group

Grinding it out here will be the key. The goal will be to eliminate enough time for the Chiefs to take control of the game and prevent the game from getting away from the Buccaneers. The passing game will take care of the rest. These two backs will be the ones who dictate the offensive pressure the Buccaneers place on Kansas City, and it will work.

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