The Bucs are in a somewhat-strange spot with Tom Brady. He’s the GOAT. Someone you’d never once think about replacing in your starting lineup. Ever.

At the same time, however, he’ll be 44-years-old when the 2021 season starts. There has been little to no drop-off in terms of his play -as we all saw last year- but damn, that age thing is worrisome no matter who you are.

So, it may be a good idea to have a viable backup plan in case Brady is injured or in case the years finally catch up to him. Therefore, many are wondering if this is the year the Bucs should begin to plan for life after Brady.

Tampa Bay hasn’t made any moves in free agency and it has yet to re-sign backups Blaine Gabbert and/or Ryan Griffin. Hell, Brady is the only quarterback currently on the roster.

Does this mean they’ll draft a quarterback this year? What about drafting one in the first round with No. 32 overall pick?

“Like I said, if the right guy is there that we think is a developmental guy that [also] has the upside that outweighs every other position of those 5-6 guys that we’re looking at, then yea, we wouldn’t be against it,” Arians told reporters Tuesday when asked about taking a quarterback in the first round. “It’s the same thing in the second round and the third round. If we have five guys and one’s a quarterback and we think his development is better than those positions, then sure.”

The Bucs are in a very advantageous -and envious- position when it comes to this year’s draft. There is no panic mode. They can literally take whomever they want and it has the potential to work out. This goes for all positions, including the quarterback position.

Even if quarterback is likely to be the fifth or sixth option out of as many choices, it’s refreshing to hear Arians say all options are on the table. It’s a smart, sensible approach that could pay off in the long run.