The Buccaneers’ 2021 opponents have been known for awhile. Due to a three-year rotation for playing divisions within their conference and a four-year rotation for playing teams from the AFC conference (this year being the NFC East and the AFC East).

This all makes for much excitement heading into 2021.  An away rematch against the Washington Football Team. The return of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to New England. A 17th game against a formidable AFC opponent in the Indianapolis Colts.

There are plans to be made. Now, Bucs fans have a date to start making them.

The Missing Piece

The NFL announced on Wednesday that the dates for the 2021 schedule will be announced on Wednesday, May 12. When will the Buccaneers have the Wildcard rematch with that ferocious Washington defensive line? Who will get the luxury of visiting Tampa Bay on that first NFL Thursday? When will the Buccaneers visit New England? There are many interesting questions to be answered with the schedule this year.

Throw in the fact that fans will actually be attending these games; that there are tickets to purchase. Tailgates and watch parties to plan. Returning from a year of limited -and sometimes zero- attendance for NFL games makes all the difference in the world.

That, and, you know. The whole “defending Super Bowl Champions” thing suddenly makes May 12 feel like a holiday.


The Buccaneers are actually running a contest on the team website,

Right now, through Friday, April 30, all you have to do is guess the right order of the 2021 schedule to be announced and you win tickets to an away game. It might not be in Los Angeles, against the Rams, or New England, against the Patriots, but still!

Don’t forget that Bucs Report will have a huge draft extravaganza next Thursday and Friday night. As well as programming every other day of the week. Bring it to for all the latest Buccaneers news. And get ready for May 12, when the 2021 schedule will be announced in full.

There will be 32 NFL teams announcing, “mayday”, on May 12.

The Buccaneers will be announcing, “All Aboard”.