Hall Of Fame RB Terrell Davis Calls Out The 2020 Bucs


It’s always fun to compare today’s current teams to those of the past. How would the 2013 Broncos stack up against the 1985 Chicago Bears? Would the 2000 Ravens be able to slow down the 2007 Patriots? And speaking of the Broncos, former running back (and HOF’er) Terrell Davis made an interesting remark regarding the 2020 Super Bowl champion Bucs on Thursday.

TD was recently interviewed by CBS Sports about a variety of topics. One of those topics was about his 1998 Broncos and not only how the team came to be, but its impact on the NFL, in general.

“We are one of the greatest teams to ever play,” Davis told CBS Sports. “When they do the rankings of the top 25 teams of all time, we’re always in there. I think last time I saw we were in the teens or something like that. We’re a team that could go play in any era [because] we weren’t a gimmick team. Sometimes you see a team that runs the Wildcat where they might be successful because they were new and no one saw that. Now you’ve got the RPOs where when they first started doing it, defenses couldn’t stop it. … We didn’t have anything gimmicky like that.

“We had really, really good players, outstanding coaching, and a solid system. It was a combination of really unselfish guys who played for each other who didn’t really care who got the credit, and that’s rare. And we had a singular focus. We were the Patriots before the Patriots. They talk about the Patriot Way, well we had the Bronco Way. We had players who didn’t buy into that, and Mike [Shanahan] moved them out of there.”

But what Davis said next is what will strike a chord with both the Bucs and their fans.

“We didn’t have a lot of big names,” Davis said. “We had John, but John was at the end. And he didn’t care about throwing for 5,000 yards. He just wanted to win. You had that unselfishness and coaching. … So yeah, if we played in today’s game, absolutely, we would have beaten the Bucs last year.”

Yep. That’s right. According to Davis, John Elway and the ’98 Broncos would’ve beaten Tom Brady and the ’20 Bucs.

This is obviously something that could be debated until everyone is blue in the face. And with good reason. This is also a perfect example of how athletes remain competitive no matter where they’re at in life.

But there’s one thing that isn’t up for debate: A lot -and I mean a lot– of people would love to have seen Elway vs. Brady face off in a Super Bowl.

You can check out the full interview with Davis, here.

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