Happy, Happy Birthday Tom Brady


Today the nation celebrates the birth of the greatest quarterback of all time, Buccaneers QB, Tom Brady. What? August 3rd is not yet a national holiday? Well that’s stupid. Anyway, one of my favorite birthday songs of all time is a version of “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby, sung by the Tune Weavers in 1957. You can listen to it (here).

Where Did Everybody Go

You may have noticed that the whole playing quarterback into his forties narrative is pretty mum this year. One could suppose that leading a Buccaneers team to a Super Bowl. In his first year under center in Tampa Bay, has quashed that mess. Don’t count on it.

Part of defining what being the greatest of all time looks like is that haters are gonna hate. But even the haters have quieted this year. You would have to imagine with the performance Tom Brady put in last season. With the Buccaneers team he is set to lead in 2021. Everybody realizes they may not want to poke the bear. Good idea.

Feliz Cumpleaños Tom

While the rest of the world is in awe of the quarterbacks age defying awesomeness. Buccaneers fans are celebrating the day #12 was born. Even if the 7-time Super Bowl champion decides to take the day off that HC Bruce Arians has offered. Meaning Bucs fans may have to go a day without Tom Brady in the Champa Bay news cycle. As if! Would the Tom Brady who punted a football in frustration after a failed two-minute drive on Sunday take the day off? It seems the defending Super Bowl MVP has anything but a birthday on his mind.

At forty-four years young today, Brady is on a schedule that allows him to perform at the greatest level ever seen. For the greatest length of time to date. Brady is just not wired to take a day off. Though there can’t be a Buccaneers fan anywhere in the world that would blame him to do so. Happy Birthday, Tom Brady. Have a great day while Buccaneers fans continue working on that whole national holiday thing.