Report: Buccaneers Have Reached Out to Richard Sherman


Shortly after the Buccaneers win over the Cowboys we discussed what the team would do to fill the void left by the Sean Murphy-Bunting injury. During this discussion on the “Miscreant Mayhem Show” free agent cornerback Richard Sherman’s name came up. We even had staff writer Jeremy Morrow mentioned Sherman in his article about filling the void left by Murphy-Bunting’s injury.

Fast-forward to today and NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reports that multiple teams have reached out to Sherman. One of those teams are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As Pelissero states, there are a few hurdles the Buccaneers would have to overcome to land the 5-time Pro Bowler. First and foremost, Sherman’s salary demands would likely mean the Buccaneers would need to make some roster moves or more maneuvering of the salary cap. The second hurdle would be making sure Sherman can pass a physical. The third hurdle is obviously Sherman’s ongoing legal problems.

Back in July Sherman was arrested on five misdemeanor charges ranging from DUI to criminal trespassing. The NFL is still reviewing his case, but a DUI carries a three gane suspension. If Sherman were to sign, he would be available to play immediately, but could face a suspension when the NFL concludes it’s investigation.

Could the Buccaneers really be considering bringing in Sherman? Would his style of play fit the team’s scheme? Where would he fit in once Murphy-Bunting comes back? All of these are great questions, none of them have easy answers.




  1. I think it should be a team effort in order to bring Mr. Sherman onto the Buccaneer’s wonderful team roster. To me, they have a great team so why rock the boat. Nothing personal about Mr. Sherman as I don’t even know who he is. It just seems like the Buc’s have made so much progress, winning the super bowl in 2006 to winning again for 2020 season!!!! It has been thrilling to watch week after week, pulling for them win or lose, and yes I have been a true fan forever!!!!To me, a lot of these players worked hard to get on the team and they seem to work well as a team. Leave it be! Go BUCS!!!!!all the way. Thank you!

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