Cornerback Trade Candidates for the Buccaneers


Injuries are piling up and the Buccaneers may need to retool their secondary. After week one I brought you, three free-agent players, the Buccaneers could target. This week here are three potential trades for a corner the Buccaneers could make.

Stephon Gilmore

The clear number one choice on everyone’s list in need of a corner. Gilmore is in an interesting position. He and the Patriots are at somewhat odds over his next contract and there seems to be some discord. Additionally, in his absences, the team seems to be doing fine. This places the Patriots in a win-win situation. They may be able to get something in return for shipping off Gilmore.

During his career, Gilmore has reached double-digit pass deflections six out of nine seasons. In a recent season (2019) he had six interceptions. When healthy, Gilmore is a force to reckoned with. The Buccaneers could use O.J. Howard to pry away Gilmore given the tight end group in New England is underperforming.

The Broncos

The Broncos currently have four corners who have seen a bit of playing time. Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller may be potential trade candidates given the success of the others on their roster. Fuller has put in the most work of ether one this season with 119 snaps in coverage in the first two games. Prying Darby might be easier since he has only been on the field for 61 total defensive plays through the same two games.

Neither player is a premiere corner but may provide some help as the Buccaneers get things sorted. A late-round pick may be worth talking about to acquire either one. Also, the Buccaneers have Richard Sherman visiting Tuesday, if he were to sign the team still needs to consider acquiring one of these players.

Cameron Dantzler

Dantzler and the Minnesota Vikings seem to be having issues with one another. Dantzler has only seen 34 snaps this season and alluded to some issues with cryptic tweets following this Sunday’s game. Could there be a riff that would allow him to walk?

A third-round selection out of Mississippi State, Dantzler may already need a change of scenery. analysts graded him with a 6.26 draft grade. This places him in the category of a solid backup that could become a starter. His speed and athleticism are enough to intrigue a defensive coordinator. He could be worth sending a third-round selection over to the Vikings to alive them of a potential headache.

Final Thought

The season is young but after three games one thing is clear. The Buccaneers need help in the secondary already. They better be calling around to shore up things in order to keep the Super Bowl aspirations alive.

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