The Football Gods are Fawning Over Foxboro


Sixty-seven yards is all that separates Tom Brady from Drew Brees for the NFL career passing yards leader. The record currently held by Brees sits at 80,358. In the Buccaneers loss at Los Angeles last Sunday, Brady sits at 80,291 after going 41/55 for 432 yards and one touchdown, last week. Although sixty-eight yards to reach this milestone appears doable for Brady. Searching for a running game in Massachusetts would be highly desirable for Tampa Bay fans.

Run to Win

The Buccaneers go into this weeks’ game searching for a running identity. New England is ranked 20th or worse in several defensive categories. They are ranked higher defensively against the pass, although having played Tua Tagvailoa, Zach Wilson, and last week, Jameis Winston may not be the deepest size sample. Statistics show trends, and the Patriots 2021 defensive trend is to stop the pass first.

Mac Jones shouldn’t carve the gravediggers up this week. Count on defensive coordinator Todd Bowles scheming up some blitzes for the rookie quarterback. The linebackers should show up, anticipating quick releases from the Patriot quarterback. And Lord, please, let the front seven rediscover their mojo.

Wouldn’t it Be Nice

With the Buccaneers/Patriots game being the NBC Game of the Week, Drew Brees will figure heavily into the pregame rotation. And hasn’t he been fantastic so far in his studio presence and analyzation skills? I rarely turn away from the pregame show on NBC. But watching Drew step into the next phase of his NFL career has been entertaining. He is slowly becoming the ‘Tony Romo’ of the studio breakdown.

Because Tom Brady should have sixty-eight yards in the first quarter, even if the Buccaneers go HEAVY with the run scheme, like we know they won’t. It would be fitting if Drew Brees were to step out onto the field and congratulate Tom Brady upon the accomplishment. These two have a great relationship on and off the field.

While New England Patriots fans secretly rooted for Brady in 2020, trust me, they did. Buccaneers fans will proudly watch their leader as he leads the Bucs into Foxboro on Sunday night. We will see an all-time record passing record broken. We will see Drew Brees smile for his friend. Patriots fans will celebrate the return of the GOAT. And Buccaneers fans will do what fans of defending Super Bowl champion teams do. Proudly share, represent strong, and expect a victory to take the team to 3-1. The NFL gods may have maneuvered for this game to be what it is. But around Tampa Bay, Tom Brady is “god” and “god” still wants ring #8.