Buccaneer Fans Remember The QBs That Got Away


Since the entire world is talking about it, why don’t we? Tom Brady is the Buccaneers quarterback, after all. There has been a feeling of consensual affection between Patriot and Buccaneer fans for over a year now. That changes this week. Or does it?

Been There Before

Fans of the Buccaneers have seen quarterbacks go on and succeed. Usually, unlike any success they had here in Tampa Bay. Doug Williams leads the Washington “whatever they are called”, to a victory in Super Bowl XXII. Steve Young would play with the San Francisco 49ers on three Super Bowl championship teams. Along the way, winning NFL MVP, twice. Becoming a three time All-Pro.

Trent Dilfer would lead the 2000 Ravens to Super Bowl victory in XXXV. Even Vinnie Testaverde would go on and play well for seven other NFL franchises. He even played for the Patriots in 2006, before his last season in 2007.


He would go in for the final play. With Carolina in 2007 leading 31-23. Vinny Testaverde would take a knee for his final snap in the National Football League. Buccaneers fans had no problems.

This Ain’t That

There has never been a quarterback in NFL history that had the success Tom Brady had in New England. So the comparisons here are lacking. But for the purpose of searching for empathy for New England Patriots fans this week. Let’s agree that Buccaneers fans also have seen, missed, and envied the one that got away.

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Where does Tom Brady rank on this list? Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

The fact that New England allowed the GOAT to graze in greener pastures, that’s on them. The fact is,, Tom Brady is the Buccaneers quarterback in 2021, after leading the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2020. This week will be emotional for Patriots fans embracing their returning gladiator. Even if he wears the colors of another team.

You don’t spend so long, giving so much to a community. And not feel forever connected. It’s part of the reason why this week is so big. The divorce wasn’t messy. Just final. But this week, the family gets back together.

Everybody isn’t sitting on the same couch. Just like I remember that day Vinny Testaverde took that ceremonial knee for the Panthers against the Buccaneers. I was happy for the guy. He had a great career. But I wasn’t happy about it. It was a loss. And that’s what these teams will really have on their minds this Sunday. For all the pomp and circumstance of the return of Tom. This is a game that counts. And that’s what matters most. Maybe.