Bucs Report Best Bets: Week Eight


It is Halloween weekend! With the fun and festivities come a scary group of matchups. The Bucs Report Best Bets were able to improve to 17-13, but are still looking to put space between them and the dreaded .500 mark. He are the spooky, dreary bets that I like this weekend. Here’s to hoping they don’t get killed.

Falcons -3 vs Panthers

Unless Christian McCaffrey suddenly heals and plays in this game then I’ll be better against Carolina. The Panthers have lost four straight games since their star running back went down with an injury. It’s painfully obvious how much everyone around him benefits when he’s on the field.

On the flip side, the Falcons have won three of their last four. And while none of those wins are particularly impressive, at least I know what I’m getting with Matt Ryan and company.

Cowboys vs Vikings under 51.5

This is projected to be the second highest scoring total of the weekend and I don’t completely understand why. There are questions if Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will play this weekend as he deals with a leg injury. Minnesota is playing against a top ten run defense and a cornerback who intercepts everything.

There are just so many reasons why this game won’t be extremely high scoring. The under feels like a safe bet here.

Jaguars vs Seahawks under 44.5

These offenses are putrid. How many points do you realistically expect a Geno Smith led offense to score? Who do you trust on the Jacksonville offense? This is almost a slam dunk on the under.

The only thing that gives me pause is that both of these defenses are bad too. However, even if one of these teams can take advantage of a bad defense, it’s unlikely that both can. I’ll take the under in this game.

Eagles vs Lions under 48

Neither of these teams can throw the ball effectively. Both the quarterback play and the overall playmakers in this game are very underwhelming. So it leads me to wonder why this point total is set at 48?

In short, I have no idea. Jalen Hurts is always a threat as a running quarterback, but this Lions defense was able to hold the Lamar Jackson led Revens to just 19 total points. If there was one game I was going to invest my money into, it would be this bet.

Bucs – 5.5 vs Saints

The New Orleans Saints struggle to move the ball up and down the field. Their main source of offense is star running back Alvin Kamara. This could be problematic when they face the best run defense in the NFL with Tampa Bay.

I expect this to be a semi low scoring game. It’s a tough divisional matchup with two good defenses. However, there is one good offense in this game which makes me feel like it will be a comfortable win, but not a blow out. I like the Bucs by 7-10 points, so 5.5 feels like a number that I’m comfortable with.

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