A Buccaneers Thanksgiving With All The Trimmings


The Buccaneers would be the first to admit that the last three weeks were tedious. A loss to the Saints. A bye week to stew, the debacle in Maryland. Going into Monday nights matchup against the New York Giants at Raymond James stadium was a big question mark. Fortunately for the defending champions, the dice came up sevens, and Thanksgiving will be most jubilant.

Buccaneers Fans Are Thankful

From the moment Tom Brady matriculated down the sideline pregame, emphasizing his LFG sentiment, the Giants didn’t have a chance. When #12 starts the game going 10 for 10, it became even more apparent. The Buccaneers team on this night was all business. And this was about time.

Although the national media didn’t question the gumption of the 2021 squad. The three week let down was enough to put doubt in the minds of Buccaneers fans. Even with a schedule that now starts to play into their favor. A “lock down” game was just what the doctor ordered. And that’s what Bucs fans got on Monday night.

Highlights of the Night

Mike Evan’s passing Mike Alstott for most touchdowns in team history was sweet. a &that is came on a play where the 6’5, 225 lb receiver used his physical skills to curl into the end zone and secure #72 was poetry. The shot of A-Train up in the luxury box to witness the accomplishment was beautiful.

The defense applying pressure all night. While keeping Saquon Barkley in check was the very type of football fans saw the pirates play on their way to the Super Bowl last season. The pressure they put on the Giants offense was exactly the recipe the team used to cause turnovers and give the offense opportunities. Buc Ball is back. And not a moment too soon.

Change of Pace

In 2021 there are seventeen regular season games. The extra game for your Buccaneers will be a road trip to Indianapolis this week to face the resurgent Colts. The pillaging pirates will have to deal with Jonathan Taylor. The Colts running back that is making a strong case for. AFC offensive player of the year. Not impossible for one of the stingiest defenses in the league against the run.

The game is in Indianapolis and will feature a loud, resurgent Colts fan base rooting for their Colts to keep pace in the AFC South. The Buccaneers should expect a cold, fired up welcome from the moment they get off the plane. The team will need to bring their lunch boxes, game faces, and attitude to Indiana. This game will be a test of whether the Buccaneers squad have really got the mojo Mack, or just played inspired football last night.

So enjoy those Thanksgiving dinners with your family’s this Thursday. Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. The holidays are for that very reason. But don’t forget to lock it down with regard to you Buccaneers. Celebrating the holiday is nice and all. But almost as important as turkey bird, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. The most important component of the Thanksgiving holiday this year is stuffing. As in stuffing those Indianapolis Colts into a box and getting a victory. The Buccaneers continue their March on to defending their Super Bowl title. And that’s something we all can be thankful for.