Buccaneers are Rolling into the Playoffs with Bruce Arians


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been dealing with injuries throughout the 2021 NFL season. This issue hasn’t been limited to the players either.

Turns out even the coaching staff is struggling to stay clear of the injury bug. As seen in the video posted by Greg Auman of The Athletic, (by the way, if you’re not following Greg on Twitter you need to get your life in order) Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians explains his newest addition, a scooter. No we’re not talking about wide receiver Scotty “Scooter” Miller, but the scooter Arians is using because of an Achilles injury.

Sporting a walking boot (the Bucs must’ve got these in a bulk deal, Costco maybe?) and said scooter, Arians explains that he’s recently been trying to stay in shape by running and in the process injured his Achilles Tendon. This shouldn’t hamper the Bucs run for a second consecutive Super Bowl, it’s just more of a roll for Arians at this time.

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