Exactly What Does “NFL MVP” Mean?


Is the NFL MVP the most phenomenal player in the league? Maybe the most important cog in the wheel of a team? We ask because the Buccaneers have never had a “recognized” NFL MVP. But is seems a lot of people may not know exactly what it takes to be voted the league MVP. What are the requirements?

Is It Culture?

The culture an NFL team has is of the upmost importance. Buccaneers fans have seen it go south. Each year it seems there are 6-8 teams that do. There are currently seven head coaching positions available in which culture is questionable, at best. Well, six, because nobody knows what the hell is going on in Miami.

But if culture is a queue for success. And a single player can change the culture. Yes, I know you see where I’m going with this. But actually, I’m thinking north. Coming into the season Aaron Rodgers didn’t himself know what he was doing. The Packers were preparing for life beyond Rodgers. He did brush into camp, play good soldier, and, after losing pitifully to the Saints, leveled out and balled. But the culture in Green Bay was for most of the season, in spite of #12, not inspired by. The same can not be said here in Tampa Bay.

It Can’t Be Just Statistics

Surely the most valuable players consists of some type of a statistically driven formula. Makes sense. Again, just because Tom Brady led the league in almost all statistical categories. Although Aaron Rodgers 37-4 (touchdowns to interceptions) is itself a stupendous feat.

Rodgers 4,115 passing yards is 1,200 yards behind Brady’s. His 37 touchdowns trails Brady’s by 6. The numbers for both are outstanding. On numbers alone Rodgers may hold a slight lead in a couple of categories. But is it numbers alone that make an MVP? Inquiring minds want to know.

Leadership Has To Count

Nobody can questions Rodgers leadership. On the field, that is. The Packers just don’t feel out of a game, even trailing late with Rodgers under center. Then again, neither do the Buccaneers with Tom Brady at the helm. Look it up! There are facts to support this.

But if we are talking brass tracks here. For someone to be THE most valuable player to an NFL team, leadership has to figure into the equation. Not the kind of selfish leadership where you should be “immune” from reproach on any issues facing the team. Especially some of the issues teams have seen in 2021, similar to those seen in 2020. For a player to be the most valuable to their team one would assume that the team must always come first. You would think.

All Things Being Equal

How can we know what is equal when we are not sure of the equation. Each and every one of the 32 teams across the entire NFL have different cultures, philosophies, and schemes. Determining which player of the 1,699 players who can be active at any given time are of most value, has to mean more than just fewer interceptions, or most touchdowns. It should be about more than just overall victories, or biggest point margins. It must take into account other intangibles. Facts that seem to make it hard to define the exact meaning of an NFL MVP.

Over the last week, so many Buccaneers fans have said the Super Bowl means more than MVP. You know how the goat feels about this. I’m pretty sure Aaron Rodgers and the Packers faithful would as well. It doesn’t feel like there is a railroad job, or bad blood here. But when we hear that most in NFL circles have Rodgers winning 2021 NFL MVP in a runaway, We scratch our heads and wonder. Exactly what does qualify a player for league MVP? Seriously! Buccaneers fans ask because again, the team has never had a “recognized” league MVP. But in reality, haven’t the Buccaneers had one already? For at least the last two years? Maybe just this past season? What exactly does NFL MVP mean? Does anybody truly know?

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