Buccaneers Brady Prepares Players for Pressure Situations


The one thing you can say about Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is he seems to thrive under pressure. From being the king of comebacks against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl to dozens of come from behind wins in the fourth quarter. Brady knows pressure, he owns it.

Brady also knows in order for him to succeed under pressure he has to have teammates that can do the same. But how do you test teammates ability to perform under pressure without risking the outcome of a game during the process? Simple answer, you manufacture it.

Brady and the Buccaneers are heading into this postseason looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Not that the playoffs don’t already have pressure, but looking to repeat just ramps it up a bit. Brady knows this and he’s doing what he can to help his younger teammates learn this as well.

Putting the younger players in pressure situations in practice so they’re ready for it in a game is next level leadership. Next level seems to be how Brady does nearly everything in his professional and personal life.

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