Hey LeBron, That’s Not How That Works


Nobody questions that we are all deserving of some celebrating. Everybody has been through a lot these last two years. These have been some trying times. But for Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James to call for a “City of Champions” parade. Now that’s just a bit too much.

Been There, Done That

The sports landscape for the better part of two years was a slippery slope. Bubbles, protocols, and postponements were aplenty. The fact that we still witnessed championship caliber sports was a blessing. Would there be asterisks? Would records accomplished during such strange circumstances be recognized? There were more questions than answers.

The truest fact to come from the noise was that Tampa Bay became Champa Bay. In one year the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the Rays won the American League Championship, and the Buccaneers became world champions. The ledger was bountiful in paradise. This was not the first time a city was blessed with multiple professional sports achievements. But an NHL team that is still cementing itself as one of the greatest of all time. A young NFL team that got behind a goat and followed him to historical greatness. A perennially underpaid American East baseball team that went to bat against, and totally outhit the behemoths of the East. This all being the stuff that legends are made of. Champa Bay!

Don’t Even Try

To suggest that Los Angeles should have their own parade of champions is not our concern. Unless you are a Los Angeleno. This is not meant to take away from any of the luster of your professional team’s accomplishments. Even as the best NFL team money can buy, your Rams, just won the Lombardi this past Sunday. Bravo.

What is laughable is that James would suggest that there should be a combined championship parade. Because of the circumstances with which the Dodgers and Lakers won their championships. With not having been able to hold huge celebratory parades as a result of the ongoing pandemic. It is understandable as to why these celebrations couldn’t occur. What is not is why suggest almost two years later, they would.  Don’t those people out in LA have boats? That’s how Champa Bay rolled.

As for these 2021 Rams. Congrats old chaps. Enjoy every minute. Right up until you come to Raymond James stadium this 2022 season. Then, unlike last season, YOU will be the defending champions, and the Buccaneers will be out for blood. Then the winner of that game can have a parade.