Report: Buccaneers’ Arians “Undermined” Brady and Leftwich


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have stayed at the top of the NFL news cycle since the day quarterback Tom Brady walked into One Buc Place. Now that Brady has retired you’d think the focus on the Buccaneers would lessen. You’d be wrong.

The Brady retirement inevitably started the rumors as to why. Why would a guy who is still playing at a dominant level step away from the game he professes to love? The rumors and theories have come fast and furiously nearly every day. But the consensus is that Brady retired to spend time with his family. That seems viable as he’s been devoting most of the last two decades to the game he loves. But the rumors, well they persist.

Shortly after the Buccaneers last game linebacker Lavonte David spoke of “a lot of turmoil” in the organization. Here’s his full quote via Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press. “We had some mishaps here and there, guys bump heads. We had a lot of turmoil going on in our organization. Guys getting injured, guys who were a huge part of our success.” While that seems like David is talking more about injuries it did open eyes to the possibility of issues within the locker room. Well, that and the whole Antonio Brown thing.

Rich Ohrnberger is a former teammate of Brady’s and now host on Fox Sports Radio. So while he isn’t exactly Ian Rapoport, he very well could have sources close to Brady. If his reports are true then it’s totally understandable why Brady and Byron Leftwich would be upset. To be clear, there’s not a way to confirm this, unless one of the three involved admit to it. But, this isn’t a good look for Bruce Arians or the Buccaneers organization.

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